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Glass Art Information



Glass Art History:

The art of glass fusing is centuries old and is still changing and growing. I receive inspiration for my work from everything around me. nature, people, travels. The beauty of the glass, the color, the shine and the translucent qualities make me feel like I am playing with light.

Dichroic Glass:  

If you google dichroic glass you'll get the same copy and pasted description of the origins of the glass. Basically it was invented by NASA for use on the visors of astronaunts. One of the main properties of dichroic glass is it's ability to handle light. It can allow light though it on one side and block it coming back through from the other side...that's a very dull way of saying it can make things look 'shimmery'. The glass can also keep the colours bonded to it by metal oxide at high temps...that's a very dull way of saying it looks pretty.

To dichroic fused glass artists the material offers a world of creativity...mainly used for jewellery the glass can be very addictive to the magpie in us all!

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